Why you should switch to eco-friendly and sustainable gift wrap

Why you should switch to eco-friendly and sustainable gift wrap

eco friendly gift wrap sustainable wrapping paper reusable

So you’ve seen our reusable fabric gift wrap and you like the look of it. But now you’re wondering whether to make the switch. Is conventional wrapping paper really that harmful? Is our reusable gift wrap at FOLDS really that much more sustainable?

In short, yes and yes!

eco friendly gift wrap sustainable wrapping paper reusable

First, let’s look at some facts and figures…

  • At Christmas, the UK alone uses approximately 108 million rolls of wrapping paper. That’s 277,000 miles of wrapping paper - enough to stretch from here to the moon! A huge proportion of this wrapping paper is non-recyclable as it contains plastics such as glitter and plastic coating. Of the wrapping paper that is recyclable, a significant chunk of it ends up in the waste bin. That’s an enormous amount of single-use plastic and non-plastic waste going to landfill each year!

  • To feed the UK’s Christmas wrapping paper habit, approximately 50,000 trees are cut down each year. The loss of trees from our habitats not only threatens wildlife but reduces the amount of carbon dioxide that is taken in by our plants and trees. This results in more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and contributes to climate change.

  • In order to hold this wrapping paper together, the UK gets through approximately 40 million rolls of sticky tape. This plastic will eventually breakdown into microplastics, contributing to the unsustainable levels of plastic pollution on our land and in our oceans.

eco friendly gift wrap sustainable wrapping paper reusable

These figures make for some shocking reading but it’s not all doom and gloom - there are a huge number of ways we can help to reduce our impact. We’ll start with our sustainable gift wrap:

  • Each of our gift wraps is made from either organic cotton or certified linen. These materials come from sustainable sources and do not contain harsh chemicals. Using non-organic cotton or non-certified linen gift wrap is not truly sustainable - it solves the problem of wrapping paper waste but it contributes to the adverse environmental impact of non-organic and intensive cotton farming.

  • Every one of our gift wraps you use has a direct and positive impact on the environment. Less wrapping paper means more trees, less animals displaced, less carbon dioxide in our atmosphere, less waste in landfill and less micro-plastics.

  • On average, each Brit buys 22 presents at Christmas for 9 different people. By using our reusable gift wrap for just one of these presents, you are reducing your impact by almost 5%. If you wrap two presents in that one gift wrap then you’ve reduced your impact by almost 10%!

  • Our gift wrap is biodegradable and compostable. It is made from natural materials so that it can be broken down and returned to the earth.

eco friendly gift wrap sustainable wrapping paper reusable

And if you don’t have some of our sustainable and eco-friendly gift wrap yet, there are other ways to reduce your wrapping paper waste:

  • Reuse your wrapping paper. Many pieces of wrapping paper can be ironed (not essential!) and folded ready for their next use.

  • Use fabric you already have. Old tea towels or scarves can be transformed into the perfect fabric gift wrap.

  • And if you have to, use recyclable brown paper and tie it with jute twine or old ribbon. That way you’ll avoid all that nasty sticky tape!

There are a huge number of ways to reduce our impact on the planet. Switching to eco-friendly and sustainable gift wrap is definitely one of them.

We’d love to hear how you’re planning to reduce your waste this year. Comment below or send us a message. We’ll feature our favourites on our Instagram (@folds.wrap).