Illustrator Collection - our new organic cotton, reusable gift wrap, 'Gaia', and why we’re donating 5% of profits to environmental charities

FOLDS is about slowing down, creating new traditions, treasuring moments and living our lives with minimal impact on the planet. That’s why, for the first of our illustrator collection, we chose the theme ‘Gaia’ or ‘Mother Earth’.

In this post, we explore a little bit about the illustrator, the design, and the meaning behind this piece.

Our 'Gaia' print (meaning the greek goddess of Mother Earth) is the first of our 'illustrator' collection - produced in conjunction with super talented, London-based illustrator, Amy Grimes.

Final design.png

We stumbled across Amy’s designs quite by accident, and when we did, we felt that Amy’s designs worked so well with our ethos. With a focus on nature and the great outdoors, coupled with beautifully abstract depictions of flora and fauna, Amy’s designs were exactly what we were looking for to kick off our illustrator collection.

We were delighted when we approach Amy and she agreed to work with us.

I love collaborating with different brands and it’s really important to me that the brands have similar values to my own so when FOLDS approached me about working together I was thrilled! I’m trying to be more sustainable and reduce waste within my own work and business so it’s great to be able to collaborate on something I feel passionate about.
— Amy

We gave Amy our brief - to create a design which celebrated the earth, its plants, its animals, and its beauty - and she understood immediately what we wanted. Over the next couple of months, we worked together to produce the final design.

The brief was perfect for me and I really liked how open it was to allow us to work together to create something that I’m really proud of. The brief was to show both the land and the sea, to celebrate the rich world we live in and I was especially inspired by the textures and patterns found in nature. Part of the brief was to ensure the print works well as a pattern, as well as an image as a whole so I really focussed on the small details to ensure the wrap will look great no matter which way you’re looking at it (wrapped around a gift or hanging on a wall!).
— Amy

The design is a beautifully abstract depiction of the earth - with a luscious landscape in the centre and an abundant sea around the edge. Filled with myriad plants and striking animals, the landscape represents the beauty of nature. The seascape, filled with corals, seaweeds and sea creatures, reminds us of the precious life within our oceans.

Final design wrapped.jpg

Our aim for the piece was to produce something that makes us slow down and reminds us all of the beauty surrounding us. There is no doubt that we are in the midst of a crisis. Climate change is already happening - temperatures have risen to unprecedented levels in Europe this summer, and the loss of biodiversity from our planet is estimated at between 1,000 to 10,000 times higher than it should be, with thousands and thousands of species becoming extinct each year.* In 50 years, if we carry on the way we are, much of the beauty of our lands and oceans will be lost.

So this piece is a wake up call and a celebration. A celebration of what we have; a wake up call to protect it. That’s why the name ‘Gaia’ fit so perfectly with this piece, and that’s why FOLDS will donate 5% of all profits from the sale of this gift wrap to environmental charities.

To buy the Gaia gift wrap, please visit our online shop.

For more information on FOLDS’ values and sustainability, please visit our values page.

And for more information on the illustrator behind this piece, Amy Grimes, please visit her website.