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Press: Pebble Magazine

Featured in Pebble Magazine’s Lust List.

Pebble Magazine describes itself as being about: “Permaculture. Knitting. Whizzy futurists. Slow fashion. Open sourcing. Foraging. Crafting. Eco-villages. Food waste. Forests. Mindful discovery. Protecting the seas. Great food. Local food. New manufacturing models. Conservation. Organic skincare. Vegetable leathers. Vertical farms. Staycations. Kayaking. Thinking differently. Travelling lightly. Traditional skills. Zero waste. Turning plastic bottles into clothes and shoes. Dressing well. Creating communities. Enjoying our lives without harming the planet. Supporting people who have taken a risk to find a better way of doing something. Challenging the status quo. Zero waste cocktails.”

We certainly like the sound of the last one!


Collaboration: Botanical Tales

We had the pleasure of collaborating with the wonderful Bex from Botanical Tales on wrapping gifts sustainably and beautifully.

After connecting with Botanical Tales on Instagram and realising that we had the same values, we sent Bex two of our linen gift wraps in deep navy and dusky pink. True to form, Bex’s wrapping was just beautiful - she used wonderful furoshiki techniques and paired our wraps with a range of stunning dried flower wreaths and other foliage.

Bex wrote a brilliant blog on using our wraps to wrap gifts sustainably and beautifully. We’ve featured this on our blog as a guest post.

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Bristol 24/7 Magazine

We were really honoured to speak to Jess from Bristol 24/7 magazine about FOLDS. Check out the full article here.